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Option accessories for the AquaGard® 7360 include: guides, transfers, drip pans, hoppers, and more.


  • Loads up to 500 lbs
  • Belt speeds up to 300 ft/min maximum
  • Belt widths: 4″ to 52″
  • Total lengths: 3′ up to 40′
  • Wearstrip material is hard coat anodized aluminum
  • One revolution of the drive pulley moves the belt approximately 11″
  • TIG welded 304 stainless steel frame
  • Hard chrome coated bearing with FDA H1 food grade grease
  • FDA approved belting and plastic components
  • CE models available

​Features & Benefits

  • ​Frame is constructed of TIG welded 304 stainless steel and features open design with minimal horizontal surfaces 
  • Hard coat anodized aluminum wear strips located in welded cross members for durable belt support 
  • Mount controls and accessories fast with no drilling required includes adjustable guiding, photo eyes, low voltage wires, controls and air tubing 
  • Flexible guiding packages for a variety of applications including fully adjustable single and twin rail, and high side 
  • Spindle has groove for V-guided belt and optimum performance 
  • Integrate jack-screw system in tails for belt take up and easy tracking adjustments 
  • The center drive (optional) has a 1″ diameter pulley for small product transfers
  • The Powered Transfer (optional) has 1/2″ diameter pulleys for maintaining speed through transfer
  • Roller Transfer Plate (optional) for smooth product transfer in minimal added length
  • Conveyor is suitable for wipe-down and occasional pressurized liquid spray cleaning up to 100 psi max

Stainless Steel Conveyors with Maximum Flexibility

  • Straights & Z-Frame Modules
  • 3 Product Transfers to Choose From
  • No Drilling Required for Ease of Automation or Guiding
  • Attach controls, photo eyes, low voltage wire, & air tubing
  • Attach accessory bar for mounting several automation components
  • Attach any of standard guide packages to tailor fit conveyor

Conveyors that Increase Throughput

  • Speeds up to 300 feet per minute
  • V-Guided Belt Tracking
  • 1” Nose Bar Tails
  • Powered Transfer

Stainless Steel Conveyors Reduces Product Loss

  • 1” Nose Bar Tails for small part transfer
  • Powered Transfer for maintaining speeds through transfer
  • Roller transfer plate for smooth product transfer in minimal added length